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Speaking of Independence



The fact or state of being independent.

Synonyms: self-government, self-rule, freedom, liberty, self-sufficiency, self-determination, sovereignty.

“What does independence mean to you?” – a question we asked ourselves during the brainstorming of this latest Bata lookbook.

Does it just mean a liberation from colonialism? Does it mean – as women for instance – the right to determine what femininity looks like, means, to you?

 The freedom to be intentional about who you love?

What you eat and who you eat it with?

What you wear and what business you will do?

Where you will travel to next?

Does it mean the power to own your narrative?

We nestled ourselves in a beautiful space, surrounded by art and flora, architecture and palm trees, looked within ourselves and emerged with this:

Independence means all these things to us; it means the freedom to create, to wear the things we love and to shape what our Zambia looks like.


Kii: Silk Vest – Zara | Mum Jeans – Pull and Bear | Lace up Toughees – Bata | Watch – Casio | Loop Earrings – MRP



Kii: DIY Bando Scarf – MRP | Trousers – Bespoke | Ballerina Flats – Bata |



Kayi: Shirt – MRP | Pleated pants – Joyce Mushili Tailoring | Cross-over Sandals – Bata |






Kayi: Blazer – Thrifted | Shirt – MRP | Lace-up Toughees – Bata |




What does independence mean to you?


Photography: Sana Ginwalla

Styling: MaFashio

Creative Direction: MaFashio & Sana Ginwalla


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