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Playing Outside

The holidays are officially upon us, we wind down and reflect on the year gone by and the year ahead, spending some much needed quality time with our families and friends.

This Bata lookbook was inspired by playing outside, the holiday season & Christmases past – helping out on the farm, festive parties and the (dearly missed) long hours spent with our cousins having fun and sitting outside talking about life. All the shoes were chosen for their festive colours or the ease with which they can be worn.

During this time of year, our spirits are often terrified or optimistic about the year ahead, the new opportunities and challenges.

The year goes in cycles, from the mornings when you do not know what to do next, to the mornings when you’re playing Dope G and Chef 187’s ‘Don’t Ichibeleshi’ because you know you’re the baddest.

2017 has been one for the books. From being featured on CNNs ‘African Voices’ to being able to travel and “bae-cay”.

Reflecting on all the things we have achieved, and those we did not, we have decided to be optimistic, to go hand-in-hand into the unknown and have an absolute blast doing so.

Merry Christmas & a happy 2018 from us!








Photography: Sana Ginwalla

Art Direction: MaFashio x Sana Ginwalla

Styling: MaFashio

Shoes: Bata Zambia


Kayi & Kii,



  1. This is amazing 😍😍😍🙌🙌

    • Lady of Mafashio Lady of Mafashio

      Thank you so much Bryan! xx

  2. AWESOMEness to the Max!

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