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Patriotism + Minimalism

            Sometimes we get gifts, sometimes we get treats, and this week we got these awesome ‘LUSAKA’ tshirts from Graphic Designer, Markus Koellmann.

We were especially flattered because he always has the coolest tees and he drove down all the way from Ndola to get them to us. 🙂

       For our first ‘Outfit Of The Week’ post, Kii was “back to school” cool and Kayi was 50’s inspired, very “Little Suzy Homemaker“.

IMG_4022 copy




IMG_4028 copy




IMG_4041 copy




IMG_4098 copy




IMG_4119 copy




IMG_4140 copy




IMG_4132 copy




IMG_4154 copy




IMG_4126 copy




If you’d like to get you hands on one of these gorg’ tees, click here!

Kayi & Kii,



  1. Diana Mudenda Diana Mudenda

    Still reading…every single post <3
    Love you guys!

    • Lady of Mafashio Lady of Mafashio

      Thanks Beautiful!
      You are appreciated.

      Kahyi & Kii,

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