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Graduation Day

Yesterday, the 9th of October, 2015, we celebrated Lady of MaFashio, Kahyi’s Graduation (She’s officially an Economist, yay!). So we thought we’d share her outfit details. 🙂

Our favourite tailor, Joyce Mushili, brought the dress’ monochromatic concept to life; accessories included a Foschini wristwatch, Pandora bracelet and Free copper ring as well as monochrome snakeskin sandals.

IMG_6664 copy

IMG_6668 copy

IMG_6680 copy

IMG_6699 copy

IMG_6700 copy

IMG_6709 copy

IMG_6722 copy

IMG_6758 copy

IMG_6776 copy



Kahyi & Kii,


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  1. Nick Nick

    Economics? Come on what is an artist doing in the foreign land of Economics? Congratulations mwandi it just shows your all rounded nature.

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