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Fashion for Brunch

On Friday, the eighteenth of September, we hosted our first ever bloggers brunch. We had been going over the idea for quite some time (since 2013) before we set out to host it. We decided to focus on fashion bloggers, especially ones we had not met before but had engaged with from time to time on social media.

To host our ‘Fashion For Brunch‘ – bloggers brunch, we partnered with the Hotel Intercontinental, who were gracious enough to host us in the Rosso Trattoria Pizzeria before their official opening time (made it all the more cozy); The Letterist gave the brunch a bespoke touch by designing place cards for every single person in attendance (including us. lol), along with branded ‘Fashion For Brunch‘ paraphernalia and, The Letterist goodies for each blogger.

Zambian Fashion emporium, Vala gave the loveliest gold gift bags that held Free rings; Umoyo Natural Health partnered with us by giving all the bloggers present herbal teas, coupon books and 50% (!!!) off vouchers on selected services.

Kabelenga of Kwitu Photography handled imagery on the day; Liswaniso of Zambia Fashion Week, was on hand to give us all the juicy details on the 2015 edition of Fashion Week (to say we are excited would be an understatement).

All in all, we had a lovely morning, the mood was light and the fact that the fashion bloggers in attendance were lovely enough to come left both of us positively overwhelmed.

 mafashio fashion for brunch

mafashio fashion for brunch-3

mafashio fashion for brunch-17

mafashio fashion for brunch-4 (1)

mafashio fashion for brunch-5

mafashio fashion for brunch-8 (1)

mafashio fashion for brunch-21
Lady of MaFashio, Kii.



mafashio fashion for brunch-9 (1)
Lady of MaFashio, Kahyi (r) and fashion blogger, Niza Maria (l).



mafashio fashion for brunch-19

mafashio fashion for brunch-12

mafashio fashion for brunch-13 (1)

mafashio fashion for brunch-14
mafashio fashion for brunch-23

mafashio fashion for brunch-24

mafashio fashion for brunch-26
We also had a little “all about you” session. It was interesting to hear the different responses. 🙂


mafashio fashion for brunch-27

mafashio fashion for brunch-28
Lifestyle and Health blogger, Kamota, speaking about her experience blogging for Umoyo Natural            Health.


mafashio fashion for brunch-16
Anja Savic of The Letterist speaking about her up-coming style blogging workshop, ‘Vogue or Vague?’ on the 17th of October, 2015.


mafashio fashion for brunch-36
Fashion For Brunch – from l to r: Karen; Martha;  Lady of MaFashio, Kahyi;  Kempson;  Kamota; Christina;  Niza Maria;  Jayne;  Tapiwa;  Ngawa Ntazi;  Liswaniso of Zambia Fashion Week;  Kennie; Namucana;  Lady of MaFashio, Kii.



             P. S…

IMG_5870 copy
Apart from gifting the fashion bloggers in attendance with a variety of herbal teas and discount vouchers, the wonderful team at Umoyo Natural Health also gifted us with Pure Himalayan Bath Salts, which came in handy on the evening of the 18th!


IMG_5986 copy
Umoyo Herbal Tea, with Hibiscus and Lemongrass.



Kahyi & Kii,



  1. It was so beautiful. The next one I will definitely be attendance. Congratulations you guys.

  2. Ronnie Ronnie

    Hey details on the bloggers workshop please

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