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Fashion for Brunch 2017


Fashion for Brunch is an annual event we have held for the past three years, targeted at individuals working within Zambia’s fashion industry – created as a means to get members of the industry to form lasting bonds and create magical collaborations.

When we started Fashion for Brunch we began by focusing on members of Zambia’s fashion blogging community – people who, like us, were passionate about expressing and sharing their love for fashion, for its importance as art,  and a form of communication.

We always tell the story of how we could barely get 15 fashion bloggers together during the first edition.

Fast forward to our 2017 edition and we had illustrators and stylists present!

It fills our hearts to know that our industry is growing, and that more and more professions within the industry not previously recognized, are getting a seat at the table (better yet, setting their own!)

This year, like last year, we were supported by Vodafone JUMP, The Letterist, Tied By Nature and hosted by Meraki Café, as part of our Road to [Zambia] Fashion Week series.

We would like to thank all our partners for coming on board and making the event memorable, for not only ourselves, but the beautiful people in attendance.

See below for everything that was… Fashion for Brunch 2017.



Bloggers: Marian, Yuma and Tapiwa.


Bloggers: Taonga and Peter.




Illustrator, Wongani and Stylist, Martyn.


l to r: Stylist, Harris; Faith Hamafuwa of Vodafone; Bloggers, Peter and Taonga.



Kayi: Headrwap – DIY | Blouse – Sally*Saint | Pants – Nico | Braided Sandals – MRP|

Kii: Reed Hat – Peoples Action Forum | Blouse – Sally*Saint | Pants – MRP| Braided Sandals – MRP|



far left: Blogger, Niva; far right: Blogger, Bryo.



Jayne and Ngosa of Urban Chic.


Wongani of Zambia Fashion Week.


Bloggers: Tasha and Chilo.


centre: Lulu Haangala Wood





centre: Blogger, Flo.





To the bloggers, stylists, illustrators present, thank you for coming!


Photography – Kwitu Group

Event Conceptualization & Creative Direction – MaFashio


Kayi & Kii,




  1. Mwada Mwada

    Hello Kayi and Kii. I love your outfits. I would love to get the one Kayi is wearing. It looks sleek yet simple and comfortable. Love love, love it

    • Lady of Mafashio Lady of Mafashio

      Thank you Mwada!

      Kayi & Kii.

  2. Margaret Chitumbo Margaret Chitumbo

    Awesome having such great, innovative and creative minds existing in our country…Am so proud…

    • Lady of Mafashio Lady of Mafashio

      Thank you Margaret, we agree!

      Kayi & Kii,

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