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Enduring Spaces : A Bata Lookbook


We’ve always been fascinated by interesting spaces (you can see just how much here), and something that our city has no shortage of is these places.

Lusaka is a growing African metropolis, bursting with color, life and youth, but is also a testament to the old. This month we toyed with the idea of celebrating the things – the spaces – that have stood the test of time.

These places have a sort of poetic beauty, a beauty that comes from having seen our city grow & change. A beauty that comes with time.

Much like these spaces, Bata has seen many seasons, having been founded more than 120 years ago & in Zambia for 80 years!

From longstanding rooftops, to well-used pools; this lookbook, then, is a tribute to enduring spaces & brands and the devotion they inspire.



Rooftop Frolic || Kayi & Kii: Bata ‘Marie Claire’ Oyster Pink (r) & Deep Brown Heels (l)




Kayi: Dress – Fay Designs Ball Gown || Shoes: Bata ‘North Star’ Sneakers.



Kayi & Kii: Bata ‘North Star’ Sneakers.




Sleeping Beauty || Kayi & Kii: Bata ‘Toughees’ in ‘Hank’ lace-up black.





Special thanks to Ngosa Chungu & Ngawa Ntazi


Shoes: Bata Zambia

Styling/Creative Direction: MaFashio

Photography: Kwitu Group 


Kayi & Kii,



  1. ThatZedGirl ThatZedGirl

    This lookbook is everything! makes me want to go to bata and buy all the shoes in the lookbook! Amazing visuals and creativity! LOVE!


    • Lady of Mafashio Lady of Mafashio

      Thank you Annie!

      Kayi & Kii.

  2. Grace Gondwe Grace Gondwe

    Now i need me a pair of those school shoes 🙌🙌🙌😍😍😍

    • Lady of Mafashio Lady of Mafashio

      LOL. Thanks Grace!

  3. Chilo Chilo

    Amazing!!!! 😍😍😍

    • Lady of Mafashio Lady of Mafashio


      Thank you!


    • Lady of Mafashio Lady of Mafashio

      Thank you Ruth!

      Kayi & Kii.

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