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Celebrating our Unique with Pandora

Anyone that knows us as sisters, or business partners, OR best friends, knows that we are complete opposites of one another. Where you might find Kii wearing wide-brimmed hats and boots, you’re likely to find Kahyi in lace, loose fitting trousers and sandals.

This also shows in the type of jewellery we are each drawn to. Although we are both generally minimalist in our approach, Kii will most likely be seen stacking her necklaces and rocking some edgy rings. Kahyi – flower child that she is – is all about the more feminine/floral pieces.

We are often asked how we make these differences work. The key to successful partnerships, of every kind, is the appreciation of each other’s individuality. Then, communicate, communicate, communicate! We spend a lot of our time talking to each other (and sending each other screenshots of funny memes and our latest fashion obsession).

Speaking of fashion obsessions, a little under a year ago, we were invited to the official opening of Pandora Zambia, at Levy Mall, here in Lusaka.  You can imagine our excitement.  Firstly, Pandora is one of the largest jewellery brands in the world, and secondly, they focus on building a story around your memories and celebrating relationships, with their amazing signature charm bracelets, rings and neck pieces.

Which is why we were beside ourselves – with giggles – when this month, we got to celebrate our own relationship by picking pieces that were uniquely us, and reminded us of each other.

As is the MaFashio way, we grabbed all our Pandora goodies and turned the celebration into a photo shoot.

That said, Enjoy!

KWT_0038 as Smart Object-1
Kii: Pandora silver ‘Unlock My Heart’ pendant and chain || Mangishi Love burnt orange maxi dress  Kahyi: Pandora silver ‘Butterfly’ pendant and chain || Mangishi Love burnt orange shift dress || head wrap – stylist’s own.
KWT_0047 as Smart Object-1
Pandora silver ‘Infinite Shine’ ring || Pandora silver charm clasp bracelet.
KWT_0049 as Smart Object-1
Pandora silver ‘New Beginning’ pendant and chain.
KWT_0097 as Smart Object-1
Kahyi: Pandora ‘Darling Daisies’ charm on silver chain || Mangishi Love Sheer bell-sleeved blouse || Mangishi Love ‘Dandelion’ maxi skirt.
KWT_0102 as Smart Object-1
Kii: Pandora stacked silver charm clasp bracelets || Pandora silver ‘Infinite Shine’ ring || Mangishi Love sheer fringed shift dress || The Fix ridged Chelsea boots || The Fix wide-brimmed hat.

KWT_0112 as Smart Object-1

KWT_0133 as Smart Object-1

KWT_0144 as Smart Object-1

KWT_0140 as Smart Object-1
Stacked: Pandora Dark-blue double leather bracelet || silver Pandora ‘My Special Sister’ charm || silver Pandora bangles || Pandora silver ‘Vintage T’ charm.
KWT_0188 as Smart Object-1
Kii: Pandora Geometric Facets charms stacked on silver choker || Mangishi Love sheer blue throw-over || Cherokee bralette ||Thrifted and ripped white jeans
KWT_0194 as Smart Object-1
Kahyi: Pandora two-tone ‘Heart-to-heart’  ring || Pandora silver ‘Darling Daisies’ ring || Pandora Geometric Facets charm on silver clasp bracelet || assorted charms on Champagne-Coloured  double leather Pandora bracelet || Mangishi Love blue sleeveless throw-over || Thrifted sheer lace dress

KWT_0177 as Smart Object-1

KWT_0169 as Smart Object-1

Many thanks to the team at Pandora Zambia for being so warm and friendly.

Seen something you like? Let us know!

Thanks, also, to Mangishi Love for all the lovely pieces. Look out for their SS16 collection coming soon!


Stylists: MaFashio

Creative Direction: MaFashio

MUA: MaFashio

Photography: Kwitu Photography

Location: Sugarbush Cafe and Shop


Kahyi & Kii,



  1. This is amazing, your uniqueness is what makes you a great team #VivaMafashio

    • Lady of Mafashio Lady of Mafashio

      Thanks Babe!

  2. Lisa Sikana Lisa Sikana

    I’m a fashion student somewhere in Asia and I recently got to know about you guys through instagram (I’m a follower). I’m aZambian girl and you’re inspiring me 😄 😄 so much! All the best, hope to meet you someday☺☺

    • Lady of Mafashio Lady of Mafashio

      Thank you so much! Hope to meet you too. 🙂

  3. Lookie here, you two did a really nice job with this.. I absolutely love it 💋

  4. Lulu Lulu

    This is perfection you will make me stay wearing jewellery lol

  5. Salma Sky Salma Sky

    I love this. Well done. You’re a wonderful duo.

  6. Winnie Winnie

    This is amazing, really love you guys and what you do!!!Pandora, here I come

  7. yuma yuma

    I’m always in love with your shoots and most importantly I’m obsessed with your melanin.:)

  8. I just got a chance to see this. Super dope!

  9. Kweku Kweku

    Great piece, I love how it unfolds, you understand the art of great story telling

  10. Liswaniso Liswaniso

    This is so AMAZING! No words can fully describe how I feel when I see these pictures!

  11. Your authenticity is amazingly classy!

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