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BongoHive: Tech meets Fashion

A few years ago we stumbled upon what is now one of our favourite places to be, and that place is BongoHive.

BongoHive is Zambia’s first innovation and technology hub. Through skills development, professional networking and technological innovation, they unleash the untapped potential of young people (like us), seeking to succeed while making a difference through their careers.

For years they’d let us host our little events and meetings in their space. We recently took part in and graduated from BongoHive’s Launch programme. Launch is a four month programme where participants continually refine their launched startup and work towards quarterly goals that are established in consultation with a Business Incubation Lead, including mentor matching with industry leaders, and work with the Hive’s Accounting & Finance and Legal Lead.

During this time we would always have conversations at MaFashio HQ about what it would be like to have them in a fashion shoot, and as luck would have it, this year BongoHive happens to be turning 5 years old!

In this post we feature our favorite programmer’s and BongoHive Co-Founder’s, Simunza, Lukonga, and Silumesii.




The gents donned pieces from Esnoko’s SS16 collection, showcased in its entirety at South Africa Fashion Week last April, click here to see more.

Silumesii: Esnoko Chitenge print Bomber jacket | White formal shirt (model’s own) | Esnoko Cotton pants

But what is so special about BongoHive? To us, the fact that it is a proudly Zambian enterprise that is continuously looking to foster a vibrant entrepreneurship community in Zambia, one that is capable of developing, launching and operating enterprise that address challenges and opportunities of today in an effective, sustainable and socially impactful way.

Lukonga: Esnoko blue co-ord | Sneakers (model’s own)


Simunza: White formal shirt (model’s own) | Esnoko print pants | Trainers (model’s own)

We had Zambia’s leading Technology and Innovation hub and Zambia’s leading menswear designer.

So naturally, we had to have Zambia’s leading Photography house, Fortress Media.

We are proud to say we were there when BongoHive #enteredthefortress.


Silumesii: Aviator Glasses (stylist’s own) | Esnoko Blazer | White formal shirt (Model’s own)


Lukonga: Esnoko Tuxedo style suit |White formal shirt (model’s own) | Oxford shoes (model’s own)


Simunza: Aviator Glasses (Stylists own) | White formal shirt (model’s own) | Esnoko Tuxedo style suit




Many thanks to the BongoHive gentlemen for making this shoot one of the most fun we’ve done, Esnoko for their amazing pieces and to the team at Fortress Media for making this shoot possible.


Love Men’s fashion? Let us know how you would style these Esnoko pieces!

Kahyi & Kii,



  1. Kalunga Caroline Kalunga Caroline

    This is awesome! I love Mafashio i love Bongohive! I love Fortress media! #youthdoingit#Seriousaboutbusiness

  2. Snap! things just got real. Fashion meets Tech with MaFashio For Sure. Or is it Tech meets Fashion. Anyway, the meeting took place.

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